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KepttheFaith.org is a ministry established by the elders of Church of the Good Shepherd (CGS) in Bloomington, Indiana--a reformed and evangelical congregation whose officers subscribe to the Westminster Standards. Keptthefaith's publisher, Tim Bayly, was one of the authors and original signatories of the "Colorado Springs Guidelines for Translation of Gender-Related Language in Scripture," and is the senior pastor of CGS. Keptthefaith's editor and webmaster, Andrew Dionne, is the Assistant Pastor of Christ the Word PCA in Toledo, OH.

In addition to your support for the work of KepttheFaith.org in prayer, we ask that you consider helping us with a financial contribution.

If you would like to help in this manner, please send checks (made payable to Church of the Good Shepherd) to:

Church of the Good Shepherd
922 S. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47403

(812) 332-8900

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Receipts for your tax deductible contribution will be mailed to you.

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