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  • I just wanted to thank you for all of your work on this. It has been most
    helpful in assessing the potential impact for good and ill of TNIV. God's
    continued blessings on your labors.

In Him,

-Philadelphia, PA


  • (Brothers), again, what a great service you are doing for the church in
    compiling all these things. This is very useful to us, and, I'm sure,
    to many others.

Thanks (and) SDG!

-Wheaton, IL


  • Just a note to thank all of you for your hard work. Your attempt to keep God’s Word pure, and to protect innocent readers from error is admirable. As a SBC missionary in the jungle of Peru, I would join with you wholeheartedly in your desire to keep Zondervan and the IMB honest.

    God Bless,

  • (Brothers),

Thanks for the continual updates.



  • Dear (Brothers),

Thanks for sending the TNIV verse list, which I started to look at
and will continue to do so.

-(Wycliffe Bible Translator, South America)


  • (Brothers),

I'll put this on the ----- web site… It is a powerful statement.



  • Thank you for your website...it helped streamline my critique of the publication TNIV (can't bring myself to call it a translation).

    Blessings in our Lord Jesus,

Becket, MA


  • Hello brothers,

I have just found your website, www.keptthefaith.org. I appreciate your
dedication to God and His Word, and your desire that all English Bible
versions be as accurate as possible.

(Bible Translator)