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| Statement on TNIV by Church Leaders,
Including Dobson, Sproul, and Piper

Press Release Concerning the TNIV Issued
by Original 'Colorado Springs Guidelines' Participants.


| Focus on the Family |

Press Release from Dr. James Dobson. Feb. 5, 2002


| Colorado Guidelines |

The Translation Guidelines that the International Bible Society (IBS) agreed to abide by in 1997


| Paige Patterson Press Release |

Press Release from Paige Patterson, President Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC. January 28, 2002


On June 11, 2002 the International Bible Society published a press release claiming that the Forum of Bible Agencies had "issued a statement supporting the TNIV's adherence to established translation standards." In response, the Forum of Bible Agencies on June 24, 2002 issued a press release clarifying that "it has never endorsed the TNIV, as strongly implied in the release issued by Forum member IBS in conjunction with Zondervan."

Read the IBS June 11 release here. (Removed as of Sept. 13, 2002) (Get the PDF here.)

Read the FBA June 24 release here. (Get the PDF here.)