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Analyzing Today's NIV Below the Surface: KepttheFaith.org's response to several explanations from the TNIV website ("Passages Explained"). Get the pdf version here.


Touchstone (April, June 2002): April 2002 editorial ("Heretical Bibles"), reaction letters, and a June 2002 editorial response ("Unmanning the Bible")


Dialogue between Tim Bayly and Mark Strauss


Dr. John M. Frame (Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando) on his use of generic masculine pronouns in The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God.


Analysis of Gender Language in the New Living Translation - John Fonville (download file)

The purpose of this evaluation is twofold: (1) To demonstrate that the New Living Translation fails to meet the guidelines for the translation of gender-related language in Scripture; and (2) To demonstrate that the New Living Translation compromises the evangelical, orthodox doctrine of verbal, plenary inspiration, thus constituting it an unworthy and inaccurate translation of Scripture.


"The Principles of Newspeak" from George Orwell's 1984


"Harrison Bergeron" (1961) by Kurt Vonnegut