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Arrivenet.org (January 7, 2005): Zondervan Announces TNIV Bible Partnership with newsboys

Atlantic Journal-Constitution (February 19, 2005): The word made fresh: Dream team brings scholarship, convictions to painstaking process of Bible translations

Family.org (January 26, 2005): Rolling Stone Accepts Bible Ad

Denver Post (February 20, 2005): A new take on the Bible, a new language

Foxnews.com (January 25, 2005): Rolling Stone Will Accept Ad for New Bible

Foxnews.com (Februury 2, 2005): New Bible Translation Upsets Some Christians

Foxnews.com (February 2, 2005): And God Said What?

Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly (February 18, 2005): TNIV Bible Translation

USA Today (January 17, 2005): Ad for a Bible Doesn't Fit

USA Today (January 17, 2005): And the Word is 'Update'

World Magazine (January 29, 2005): Beyond Stealth

World Magazine (February 26, 2005): Changing God's words



Agape Press (February 5, 2002): Folger Says 'Gender-Neutral' NIV Bible Corrupts Word of God

Agape Press (May 14, 2002): New TNIV Translation Plays Fast and Loose with God’s Word

Baptist Press (February 1, 2002): 26 scholars 'cannot endorse' the gender-neutral NIV revision

Baptist Press (February 6, 2002): James Dobson joins critics of gender-neutral NIV revision

Baptist Press (February 11, 2002): IBS defends NIV gender revision; Dobson, others urge halt to TNIV

Baptist Press (February 13, 2002): Linking 'Southern Baptist' with gender-neutral TNIV draws protest

Baptist Press (February 15, 2002): IBS/Zondervan's 5-page defense of NIV revision sparks more debate

Baptist Press (April 2, 2002): Mohler speaks out against TNIV on NBC's Weekend Today

Baptist Press (May 22, 2002): Opponents of TNIV compared to those who burned Tyndale

Baptist Press (May 29, 2002): 100 leaders register opposition to gender-neutral TNIV for church use

Baptist Press (May 29, 2002): 3 key areas of concern raised in opposing gender-neutral TNIV

Baptist Press (May 30, 2002): TNIV tallies 64 endorsers; opposition statement, 100-plus

Baptist Press (May 30, 2002): Translation debate narrows to even 2 words, 'the Jews'

Baptist Press (May 30, 2002): Bible society counters criticism of gender-neutral TNIV translation

Baptist Press (June 12, 2002): LifeWay Stores will not Carry TNIV, Draper says

Bible Presbyterian Church (August, 2002): "...we...do hereby condemn and abhor the TNIV as a perversion of the pure Word of God..."

Bible Research: List of links concerning the Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy

Bible Research: The Gender-Neutral Language Controversy – Michael Marlowe

CBMW (February 7, 2002): List of scholars who are refusing to commend the TNIV

CBMW (February 13, 2002): Response to the IBS Zondervan Open Letter – Randy Stinson

CBMW (February 22, 2002): Why the TNIV's explanations are more troubling than ever

CBMW (May 9, 2002): Translation Inaccuracies in the TNIV: A Categorized List of 904 Examples

CBMW (May 28, 2002): Statement of Concern about the TNIV Bible

CBMW (June, 2002): TNIV Response Center

CBMW: Resource Page

CBMW: What's Wrong with Gender-Neutral Bible Translations?

ChristianTimes.com (April, 2002): Negative reaction to TNIV is unwarranted—and unfounded – Mark Strauss

Christianity Today (January 28, 2002): Revised NIV Makes Its Debut

Christianity Today (January 29, 2002): Weblog: Southern Baptist Leaders So Upset About TNIV That Denomination May Abandon NIV

Christianity Today (January 31, 2002): Comparing the Three NIVs

Christianity Today (February 11, 2002): Weblog: The TNIV Battle Continues

Christianity Today (March 19, 2002): Why the TNIV Draws Ire

Christianity Today (March 19, 2002): TNIV Critics Blast Scripture 'Distortions'

Christianity Today (June 7, 2002): Inside CT: Getting the TNIV Debate Straight

CNN (January 28, 2002): Popular Bible becomes more 'gender-accurate'

Colorado Springs Guidelines (May 27, 1997)

Colorado Springs Guidelines Refinements (June, 1997) - June 1997 (taken from CBMW Journal 2.4 – full issue can be downloaded here)

Crosswalk.com (May 10, 2002): TNIV Round Table Chat Transcript (Strauss, Youngblood, Grudem, Bayly)

Crosswalk.com (March 14, 2002): Transcript of online chat with Tim Bayly

Desiring God: What does John Piper think about the TNIV?

FaithandValues.com (May 21, 2002): TNIV Bible Debate

Family.org (February 21, 2002): When Brothers Disagree

Focus on the Family (February 6, 2002): James Dobson Cannot Commend TNIV

IBS (February 12, 2002): An Open Statement About the TNIV from the International Bible Society and Zondervan (Removed January 2005)

International Council for Gender Studies (April 25, 2002):What is at Stake? Egalitarianism and its Threat to the Gospel

Kent, Phil: TNIV and the Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy

New York Times Magazine (February 10, 2002): The His-and-Hers Bible

PCA Resolution (June 2002): The PCA cautions its congregations and members against use of the TNIV

PCANews.com (February 5, 2002): Erect Study Committee Regarding “Today’s New International Version” of the Bible

PCANews.com (February 18, 2002): The PCA and "Today’s New International Version"

Philadelphia Inquirer (August 8, 2001): Leading a mission to alter Bible phrase that can hurt

Ryken, Dr. Philip G. (June 9, 2002): The New NIV

Snapp, Jim (March 21, 2002): The TNIV: A Review

Southern Baptist Convention (June 12, 2002): Resolution No. 4 on Today's New International Version

Touchstone TNIV Page (December 2002): Editorials and Essays Prompted by the New Spate of Egalitarian Bibles

Touchstone (April, June 2002): April 2002 editorial ("Heretical Bibles"), reaction letters, and a June 2002 editorial response ("Unmanning the Bible")

USA Today (March 27, 2002): Bible changes leads to a holy war of words

World Magazine (March 29, 1997): Femme Fatale - Susan Olasky

World Magazine (April 19, 1997): The Battle for the Bible

World Magazine (April 19, 1997): The Ultimate Journalistic Sin

World Magazine (April 19, 1997): Zondervan's View: Not Serving the Feminist Agenda

World Magazine (May 3, 1997): Farewell to Freelancers

World Magazine (May 3, 1997): Spooked by the Zeitgeist

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): 2 1/2 or 3

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): Bailing Out of the Stealth Bible

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): Getting Trust Back

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): IBS Press Release: International Bible Society Halts Revision Process of NIV Bible

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): Throw the book at us, please

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): World's Response to Zondervan's Ethics Charges

World Magazine (June 14, 1997): World's Response to IBS's Ethics Charges

World Magazine (July 12, 1997): EPA ad hoc Ethics Committee Report

World Magazine (July 12, 1997): World's Response to the EPA ad hoc committee's report

World Magazine (July 12, 1997): What Ever Happened to Truth?

World Magazine (October 18, 1997): Lost in the Translation

World Magazine (February 13, 1998): Anti-unisex Backlash

World Magazine (November 21, 1998): Gender Neutralized

World Magazine (November 21, 1998): October Surprise

World Magazine (June 5, 1999): A Radical Proposal

World Magazine (June 5, 1999): Bible Cola

World Magazine (June 5, 1999): Decline of the NIV?

World Magazine (June 5, 1999): Life on the Bible Beat

World Magazine (February 9, 2002): NIV's Twisted Sister

World Magazine (February 16, 2002): Sad Day

World Magazine (February 16, 2002): Word Games

World Magazine (February 23, 2002): Should We Trust the TNIV? - Susan Olasky

World Magazine (February 23, 2002): Does it mean what is says? - Gene Edward Veith

World Magazine (February 23, 2002): Five Days Early, Five Years Late

World Magazine (February 23, 2002): Should We Trust IBS? - Edward E. Plowman

World Magazine (April 20, 2002): Dobson's Choice

World Magazine (July 7, 2002): TNIV Grab for Support Fails

World Magazine (July 27, 2002): 'We could not be intimidated'

World Magazine (December 28, 2002): Stealth Surprise

WorldNetDaily (February 5, 2002): Today's New International Perversion

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